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What Does Web Designing Involve?

Web designing encompasses a wide variety of skills and disciplines in the creation and best roulette online uk. The various areas of web designing cover website design software; web graphic design; web authoring; website design process including technical aspects of coding; search engine optimisation; and user interface design. The following guide to web designing is divided into three sections. In order to gain an understanding of all of the components involved in web design, you should first have a general understanding of what web design entails.

Web graphic design covers everything that is visual on a website. The various areas of web graphic design are color, images, text, logos, illustrations, and video. Web authoring involves the process of designing, creating, testing, and editing a website. Most website design software contains an authoring tool which allows the user to edit, modify and publish content on a website. Web designing tools include graphics programs and editors for creating web pages, as well as text editors and browsers.

User interface design, or web user interface, is an area of web designing that focuses on the design of web pages to provide users with a user-friendly experience when visiting a website. User interface design includes user to control features such as menus and buttons, the use of graphics, navigation, and interactivity.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an aspect of web designing that focuses on optimising search engine rankings for a website. Search engine optimisation involves creating searchable text on a website and making it easy for users to find information on a website by using keywords. Most search engines offer a search feature on their search results pages, and it is an important part of search engine optimisation.

The use of proprietary web development software is the most common form of website designing and this is where software that enables the creation of websites is used. The most popular form of proprietary software used in website creation is FrontPage.

Web content is the main component of a website and is written to attract traffic to the website by providing information. This is achieved through use of keywords in the content. Content can be presented in many ways including using articles, videos, images, and pictures; text written in various styles and sizes; and the addition of images in various formats including photographs, animations, flash, and interactive media.

Web content requires extensive research in order to properly describe the product or service being offered, and to ensure that the information is unique and up to date. Web content also needs to contain relevant keywords, as these will be used when searching on a search engine. Web content is normally placed on the website in one or more pages.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is another aspect of web designing which involves optimising a website to appear higher in search engine results. This involves ensuring that a website looks professional, including its appearance in search engines, that the website appears relevant to the search terms and the amount of relevant content on the website.

Website design is an integral part of search engine optimisation (SEO). This part of SEO involves researching the correct keyword phrases, adding relevant keywords to a website’s content, and placing this keyword phrase in hyperlinks throughout the website, as well as ensuring that the website’s code is formatted correctly.

Website hosting is another part of website designing, and is the arrangement in which the website is hosted. This arrangement is usually based on the type of website being created, and whether it is a hobby website or a business website. If the website is a hobby website, then the website is typically hosted on a server managed by an internet hosting company while a business website will usually be hosted on a dedicated server.

Website designs and hosting are essential components of website designing, because without them the website cannot be viewed by the public and will not be visited. Web design includes creating the design of the website, including all the elements of the website: the web pages, the content, the layout of the pages, the content, the links between the pages, the navigation of the website, and all the internal pages.

Web design does not require any special computer skills, although some specialised software such as Flash and Java are available for those who have them, and the basic skills are sufficient to get started. Some of the most popular and successful websites are those that have been designed professionally, and they have the expertise necessary to create such websites.


“Steve, at cloudworks media takes all the hassle out of complicated website design and management. Steve provides a very fast and very efficient service and helped us immensely with our website when experiencing technical problems. I would highly recommend Steve to anybody who is looking to create a new website or for a problem shooting service. Andrew, 44th Glasgow Scouts.”

Andrew 44th Glasgow Scouts


My aim is take away as much of the stress as possible from computers, social networks like Facebook, the process of creating websites and Search Engine Optimisation

website design and development

I specialise in developing and maintaining clean and attractive websites for small/medium businesses and projects

My emphasis is on being as open, as helpful and keep the you as informed as possible throughout your entire project

social media maketing

A marketing campaign however big or small , even a few posts, can take up a lot of time and stress

I offer to take that completely out of your hands leaving you free to focus the parts of your business that you are skilled at

Help and Support

I am here to help and support you in all aspects of technology from tips to maintaing a good working PC to creating backup solutions for the whole family

With many years experience as a personal coach in other areas I have the ability to break any subject down it into easily teachable segments

Search Engine optimisation

Being at top of Google is an essential aim for every business in todays market

I can streamline and optimise your website giving it the best possible chance to rank well in google

I always have the most up to date auditing software and SEO techniques

I stay ahead of the ever change field of SEO


The importance of blogging and the difference it can make to your online visibility should never be underestimated

I can create the perfect blogging platform for your needs while connected all the social networks, while offering training for every step of the way

As well even writing the content for you Blog leaving you to get on with more important things

Logo and header Design

Having a simple, clean and easy to spot logo is at the heart of every business

If you need a headers for Facebook, Google or Twitter I would be happy to help as with anything service I provide I will not stop until you are completely happy with the design.

having a consistent look across all platforms is vital

“Fast, professional and affordable. Great service!.”

Kimberley Elliott Photographer


Some simple pricing to get your project started today

Quick Edits to a website

£45 p/hour
Get an Est.

All quotes come time with individual task times to allow you to budget and priorities task

Updating your content

Adding New or Events

Updating photo galleries

Design changes/fixes

Charged on 15 minute blocks

WordPress Website

£79 p/page Start your Project!

Personalised, unique fit for your needs

Clean and simple design and process

Perfect for small businesses

V.Fast setup and creation

Unlimited support

update the site your self!

easy to manage

Commercial build

~ £99 p/page Quick Quote

Fast, streamline and professional

1/2 day Training included free of charge

Unlimited training and support

No surprises, constant contact through all stages

1:1 Coaching

£25 p/hour Book a session

Getting you going with everything IT

Hands on personalised Training

Helping you set up computer backups

Become Empowered

Take control of your website

Anywhere in Bristol

Contact us for a quote for larger tasks

Business website maintenance

Need help updating and maintaining your business website?

We take as much pride in your business as ours

Perfect for businesses that do not have the time to manage their website

We are helpful, friendly and our roots in coaching/instructing


Business or large website development

Installation of content management systems

Design developed and built around your companies needs

Contact Forms, Blogs/News, Clients Downloads

Facebook, twitter, mail, and integration


Search Engine Optimisation

Get Noticed by your Clients

Head straight to the top of Google

The Quickest and cheapest way to increase revenue

Fix Those errors and Problems that causes penalties with search engines

Increase Targeted Traffic


Social Media Marketing

Google Local Business Submissions

Facebook, twitter and Google plus Setup

Page Logo and Header Designs

Article and Post Writing

Automatic Posting for Months or years

Contact us for a quote

“…I gave him ideas on a piece of paper and he turned it into a beautiful site. He’s got a good artistic eye too, not just getting the techie stuff right. Thanks Steve!”

strange billy the saint and bernadette pike.comSarah-Jane

Incredible Hosts

I also manage Incredible Hosts and Incredible VPN

so your guaranteed to get Great Hosting, Domain, Email and VPN networks

Incredible Hosts offers incredible hosting and incredible support at affordable prices. As a part of Cloudworks Media Incredible hosts works with the same ethos at its core, we feel that support during and after is often the most important and yet the most overlooked detail of many new projects. We believe that a personal and committed support system can make or break a project from Website design to physical Apple product repair to hosting your companies website or online shop, support is one of our top priorities.

Incredible VPN is coming soon to offer incredibly safe and secure VPN networks while of course maintaining our incredible support services. Our VPN services will allow you or your company to connect and surf the internet in a much more secure way, effectively creating a tunnel from your computer or phone to the website you are visiting. So if you are becoming more concerned about your online security while surfing the net at you local coffee shop or you are being restricted from viewing the websites you wish due to your country of origin or work/college network security settings come back soon and take our VPN service for a trial.

starter package

Perfect for that new business or personal blog

pro package

Ideal for those needing a bit more punch from their servers

Unlimited package

Does what it says on the tin + 1 FREE Domain for a year

domain names

Get the Domain you need to give your business the attention it deserves

Visit our partner Incredible Hosts to arrange the products above


…Since we [] contracted Cloudworks to maintain our website, every problem that has come up has been fixed fast and efficiently, sometimes they were fixed before we had noticed them! Steve is proactive, energetic and seems to take as much pride in our site and business as his.

Dave TablotDirector – Rock and Sun



…”Working with Cloudworks Media has been brilliant. They instinctively understood our business needs bringing solutions and media campaigns to fruition at a very competitive price”

Simon Starling

…”After revamping our website, I have recommended Steve (cloudWorks) to lots of companies and they have all been very complimentary of the quality of the work, and value for money…”

Ron Barraclough

“Friendly, fast, fastidious….Fact!”


“Working with Steve has been a pleasure, he hits targets and deadlines consistently and still has time to help me develop and update not only the website but also the underlying platform that supports it.”



…Since we [] contracted Cloudworks to maintain our website, every problem that has come up has been fixed fast and efficiently, sometimes they were fixed before we had noticed them! Steve is proactive, energetic and seems to take as much pride in our site and business as his.

Dave TablotDirector – Rock and Sun


Get in touch to discuss your project or to request a quick hassle free quote

If you are unsure of the type of help you need just give me call or request one via the contact form or ring for a informal, friendly chat to see how I can help your project or business improve its online presence

I really like to see people progressing and learning new things, its my passion to not only see your project succeed but see you ( if you need ) progress along with the project too.